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We are Located at 125 Marshall Street 7th Floor  Hoboken, NJ, 07030We are Open Tuesday 3:30pm-8pm, Thursday 3:30pm-8pm, Saturday 11am-2pm


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Our Services 

Our Chiropractic services are a great way to re-align yourself after a tough week/workout at Xcel Athletic Lifestyle. Read more about our Chiropractic services here.

What’s better than a nice massage after a gruesome workout? Nothing, that is why we offer massage services at the Xcel fitness center in Hoboken. Make sure to check out our massage services page here.¬†

If you are a member at Xcel we already know you have an active lifestyle. Sometimes our bodies may not agree with this choice 100%. Our Physical Therapy treatments at this location will help put you back on the right path! Read more about our Physical Therapy service here!