Want Us to Come To Your Event? 

Power Health & Wellness is now available to come to your party/event! We can cater to Company Parties, Family gatherings, weddings ext, (need more info for this part) 

One of a Kind experience 

We are happy to offer this one of a kind experience by bringing our talent staff right to you. We can help your party guest unwind and get loose for the event at hand. This comes in handy for company parties or events where guests may be tense from a long day or nervous around new people. Our staff members will recommend some basic techniques that all guest will enjoy! 

What We offer 

We will be offering 15-30 minute massage services to your guest. We have several Packages & pricing that all depend on the amount of time you would like our services! 

Package 1

More Info Coming Soon! 

Package 2 

More Info Coming Soon! 

Package 3 

More Info Coming Soon! 

Contact Us 

If you are interested in our party services, please make sure to reach out and call us at¬†973-878-9069. For all business inquiries please send us an email at [email protected]. We hope to hear from you soon!¬†