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Massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain. A person professionally trained to give massages is traditionally known as a masseur or a masseuse in European countries. In the United States, these individuals are often referred to as massage therapists because they must be certified and licensed as “Licensed Massage Therapists”.

In professional settings, clients are treated while lying on a massage table, sitting in a massage chair, or lying on a mat on the floor. There are many different modalities in the massage industry including but not limited to: Swedish, deep tissue, structural integration, trigger point, manual lymphatic drainage, sports massage, Thai massage, and medical massage.

Massage Therapy is helpful as it can help to lower pain perception and increase the pain threshold. We believe the number one benefit of incorporating massage therapy into a physical therapy treatment plan is the stress relief and calm state of mind it provides.

Do massages help pain?

Massage therapy has been studied for several types of pain, including low-back pain, neck and shoulder pain, pain from osteoarthritis of the knee, and headaches. Here’s what the science says:

  • Low-Back Pain
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Headaches

Types of Massages 

Here at Power Health & Wellness we will recommend which type of massage may be best for your body’s current state of being. Most of our locations are located inside of gyms & that is no coincidence. Having an intense workout routine is of course great for your body; however weightlifting can take its toll on the body after some time. Different types of massages will take on different types of feel. Some of the Massages we may recommend are: 

Our Massage therapists are completely professional and will make sure you are getting the right type of massage that will give your body its best relief. 

When to Know when it’s time for a Massage 

Listening to your body is key to understanding when it is time for a professional massage. If you feel a muscle on your body is giving you constant pain from a certain movement or it feels hard to the touch in an unnatural way. You may have a knot. A knot can be caused by: 

  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • overusing or injuring your muscles
  • poor posture

If you are feeling slow, sluggish and stiff. Your body is telling you to relax. A massage from one of our professionals will kick start your bodies road to recovery. 

The Benefits to getting a Massage

Massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

Massage benefits can include:

  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation
  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension
  • Improving circulation, energy and alertness
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improving immune function

Why Power Health & Wellness

We here at Power Health & Wellness pride ourselves on making genuine connections with our customers. Trust our professional Masseuse to give you the correct treatment you need to ensure you leave with your body feeling great! Make sure to ask about our other services as well! 

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